See drinking with clear eyes.
Straight from the can or stirred into a mocktail, our five classic flavors crack open your beverage possibilities.


Looking for a different kind of chill?
10mg cold brew is now percolating


Mix a SPLASH of THC to any beverage or enjoy a pre-flavored BLAST THC shot


Two options of Gummies to get you pleasantly in your head, not over it.

Variety pack of 10 gummies each at 5mg THC with 5 scrumptious flavors

Sleep gummies, each 5mg, to put you to bed with a low dose of CBD, CBN (for sleep) and THC to stay asleep.


Wear clr!ty on your sleeve (or, generally, on your clothes).

Our Secret Ingredients


Our proprietary process binds our medicinal molecules with all-natural catalytic enzymes to increase bioavailability. All that to say -- your body can disgest it easier, faster and more efficiently.


Our distillate is water soluble so it can be mixed with nearly any drink or food (even low-fat). It’s what makes our clr!ty edibles and formulations special.

Clr!ty is a Minnesota-made hemp-derived THC company offering seltzers, gummies, mixers, shots, and coffees with 5mg and 10mg THC formulations. clr!ty 5mg THC seltzers come in three flavors: black cherry, blue razzberry, and mango. clr!ty 10mg THC seltzers come in two flavors: pink lemonade (voted best THC seltzer in Minnesota) and tangerine, with a third flavor, pineapple hibiscus coming in January. All clr!ty seltzers are zero sugar, zero carbs, and zero calories. clr!ty SPLASH allows drinkers to mix unflavored or lime 5mg THC mixers into the beverage of their choice and are available as single bottles or multi-packs. clr!ty BLAST flavored shots bring new flavors to the party in 1.5oz shots with 5mg THC. BLAST comes in four flavors: Lemon Drop, Peppermint, Cinnamon, and Pineapple-Jalapeño, and are available as individual shots or in a 12-bottle variety pack. cl!rty gummies come in a 10-pack with two 5mg gummies per flavor: baja, blue razzberry, fruit punch, mango pineapple, and strawberry watermelon. clr!ty sleep gummies help you fall asleep and stay asleep with THC, CBD, and CBN and come in a pack of 10 blueberry gummies, 5.0mg each. clr!ty CoffeePot combines 10mg hemp-derived THC and caffeine for a balanced and focused experience. Coffee Pot comes in two flavors: zero sugar vanilla cold brew and dairy-free mocha latte, made with oat milk.