Where to Find THC Beverages in the Twin Cities

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Now that Minnesota has passed legislation legalizing low-dose hemp-derived THC beverages and edibles, you can enjoy the relaxing effects of cannabis care-free. If you’ve been wondering where you find THC beverages in the Twin Cities, we’re here to help!

In this post, we’ll provide 6 locations in the Twin Cities area that offer high-quality, hemp-derived, Minnesota-made THC drinks. So, whether you want to enjoy them in-house or buy a case to go, there’s a location close to you offering premium cannabis-infused beverages.  

What are Hemp-Derived THC Drinks?

The cannabinoid hemp industry revolutionized how we consume cannabis products after the 2018 Farm Bill. Once the legal restraints were removed, manufacturers created countless ways to ingest hemp-derived extracts. While many products proved to be a novelty (sorry, CBD bedsheets), drinks and edibles remain one of the most popular ways to take a controlled dose of hemp extract.

Hemp-derived THC drinks are beverages infused with a cannabinoid extract sourced from industrial hemp. The administration method offers convenience, a reliable dose, and effectively masks hemp’s strong, earthy taste. Hemp-derived THC drinks contain enough THC to deliver psychoactive effects, so make sure you use them responsibly.  

Is Hemp-Derived THC Legal in Minnesota?


While other states are still operating in a legal grey area over the wording of the Farm Bill, Minnesota passed legislation clearing the air regarding THC derived from industrial hemp. In July of 2022, HF 3595 passed, legalizing the sale and consumption of low-dose (up to 5mg in a single serving) hemp-derived THC drinks and edible products.

For a full breakdown of the legislation regarding hemp-derived THC drinks in Minnesota, check out our blog post.

THC Beverages in the Twin Cities

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into where you can find THC beverages close by. Below are 6 locations carrying premium quality, 100% legal THC-infused flavored seltzers in the Twin cities.

Tiffany Sports Lounge

Tiffany Sports Lounge serves incredible high-end bar food you can enjoy while rooting on The Vikings, Twins, Wild, or Timberwolves. They’ve recently added clr!ty THC seltzers to their extensive beer, wine, and cocktail menu.

Handsome Pig

The Handsome Hog is in the heart of downtown St. Paul just a few blocks from the state capitol building. You’ll find an impressive southern-inspired menu with Midwest favorites crafted by Executive Chef Justin Sutherland. Stop in for brunch, lunch, dinner, late night, or a THC seltzer by clr!ty.

Dabbler Depot

If you are looking to grab a case of THC beverages in the Twin Cities, look no further than Dabbler Depot in Highland Park. The liquor store is known for carrying specialty brews, wine, spirits, and now THC-infused flavored seltzer. Clr!ty is available in 4-packs in various delicious flavors, including Black Cherry, Mango, Blue Razzberry, and Pink Lemonade.

Fellas Haberdashery and Salon

Getting a haircut and enjoying a beer or glass of whiskey has become increasingly popular. Fellas Haberdashery and Salon decided to take barbershop hospitality to another level with THC-infused beverages. You haven’t truly relaxed until you get a fresh cut and shave while enjoying a cannabis-infused seltzer from clr!ty.

Red Cow - 5 Locations

Red Cow is known for having some of the best craft burgers in Minnesota. Now you can also enjoy an ice-cold THC seltzer with elevated bar food. While there are 5 locations across the Twin Cities and Rochester, clr!ty seltzers are now at the Uptown Red Cow location. 

Stadium Bar

Stadium Bar has one of the best happy hours in Minneapolis. If you are downtown and looking for an energetic environment to watch a game or grab dinner, Stadium is the place to be! Enjoy an incredible menu with handcrafted burgers, homemade pizza, and mouthwatering pasta dishes. Then, wash it down and relax with a crisp THC seltzer from clr!ty.

What makes a High-Quality THC Beverage?

When shopping for hemp-derived THC drinks, there are a few parameters your products need to meet; we’ve outlined 4 of the most important below.

Locally Made

You need to know where your products are coming from, and it’s always nice to support local small businesses.

USA Hemp

USA hemp farms must follow regulations to ensure the flower is safe to consume.

3rd Party Lab Tests

Lab tests done by an entity other than the manufacturer or retailer are the only way you can know what exactly is in your THC extract.

Approachable Dose

Hemp-derived THC products with potency levels exceeding 5mg per serving are illegal in Minnesota. In addition, low-dose THC beverages allow you to enjoy the effects without being overwhelmed.

Find Locally Made THC Drinks in Minnesota

Clr!ty offers Minnesota-made THC seltzers available in a variety of flavors. You can buy them at any of the retailers we’ve listed above or online. Check out this link for a complete list of stores carrying clr!ty products.


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