Why You Should Drink THC Seltzers

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Whether you are looking to cut back on drinking, take a month off, or are in search of healthier alternatives, THC seltzer is an excellent option to replace alcohol. Reducing drinking doesn’t mean you can’t relax and enjoy a refreshing beverage.  

In this post, we will compare how THC Seltzer stacks up against alcoholic drinks so you can get through dry January, Lent, or just want to enjoy a drink without the hangover. In addition, we’ll clear up what’s in an infused seltzer, the legality of hemp-derived THC, and the benefits of consuming cannabis over alcohol.

What is THC Seltzer?

Carbonated beverages are a nationwide phenomenon. Everyone has recently become addicted to drinking bubbly water, from LaCroix to White Claw. Seltzer is simply still water that has been carbonated with carbon dioxide (CO2).

THC seltzer is a seltzer that has been infused with THC,  the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis. The de-stigmatization of cannabis and the end of prohibition has significantly increased access to THC-infused products.

Is Hemp-Derived THC Legal in Minnesota?

In 2022, Minnesota became the first state to legalize hemp-derived THC. While the rest of the country is grappling with the terminology of federal hemp regulations, we have clarity on the issue thanks to recently passed laws.

Hemp-derived THC is legal in Minnesota, but there are limitations. Products can only contain up to 5mg per serving and can only be sold in packages containing less than 50mg. In addition, the THC must be sourced from industrial hemp.

For more information on the legality of hemp-derived THC in the US and Minnesota, check out our article for a comprehensive breakdown of the new law.  

The Cannabis Industry and Medical Claims

One of the restrictions placed on the cannabinoid hemp industry by the FDA regards medical claims. While there are plenty of companies online that leverage claims of the natural healing properties of cannabinoids to sell products, we feel it isn’t our place to be delivering this information.

If you are looking more at the benefits of THC online, we highly recommend looking at sources that aren’t cannabis companies. Here are some articles to give you an unbiased understanding of the health benefits of THC from a scientific journal, a university, and a science news website.

THC Vs. Alcohol

CLRTY_ Why You Should Drink THC Seltzers

While we aren’t comfortable providing our readers with health claims regarding cannabis, there are various benefits associated with choosing THC seltzers over alcoholic beverages.

Marijuana is still a schedule I drug in the United States, but that doesn’t mean it is worse for your body. We are still working to understand how our bodies process THC. However, there are two significant advantages of using THC instead of alcohol the next time you want to unwind.

No Hangover

A night of drinking will undoubtedly result in fatigue, dehydration, headache, nausea, sensitivity to light, and the list goes on and on, especially if you are over 30. Some people report that they do not experience the same next-day effects as alcohol.

No Calories, Carbs, or Sugar

THC seltzer is also free from harmful additives that cause health complications. Many people drink alcohol with excessive amounts of sugar in the form or cocktails and beer. THC seltzers have zero calories, no carbs, and are sugar-free. 

The Benefits of CLRTY THC Seltzers

Our seltzer is formulated to be enjoyed responsibly and within the limitations of Minnesota law. Below are other benefits of choosing CLRTY THC seltzers.

Low Dose

Each can contain 5 or 10mg of hemp-derived THC. At this dose, the effects are mild, and you won’t be overwhelmed by the psychoactive properties. For more information on dosing hemp-derived THC, check out our dosing guide.

Long Lasting Effects

The effects of edible cannabis can be experienced for hours allowing you to relax without having to keep drinking to maintain your buzz.

No Sugar

Another aspect of alcohol abuse is sugar consumption. Most people that drink excessively choose beverages packed with sugar, creating even more health complications.

Shop CLRTY Online and in Retail

Our THC seltzer is available in various delicious flavors, including Black Cherry, Mango, Blue Razzberry, and Pink Lemonade. All our products are sourced from 100% -grown hemp and manufactured in Minnesota!

If you want to try THC seltzer, CLRTY can be purchased online and in retail stores around the Twin Cities metro. Check out our if you are looking to pick up a case in person


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