THC Drinks – Fun Way to Enjoy THC?

THC Drinks

THC Drinks – Fun Way to Enjoy THC? As cannabis becomes more widely accepted and legalized, consumers are exploring new and innovative ways to consume THC. One of the latest trends in the industry is THC drinks – beverages that contain a dose of tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. THC drinks offer a […]

Minnesota Adult-Use Cannabis Licensing Overview

CLRTY Cannabis

Minnesota Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis: A Comprehensive Guide to Licensing On May 30, 2023, Minnesota legalized adult-use cannabis with Governor Tim Walz’s signing of HF 100 Cannabis Finance and Policy Bill, popularly known as Minnesota’s Cannabis Legalization Act (“the Act”). The state intends to hold a scored application process with an emphasis on social equity, currently […]

THC Nanoemulsions 101 – Everything You Need to Know – Part 2


What the Law Says… The laws pertaining to THC nanoemulsions vary from country to country and state-to-state. In the United States, cannabis is federally illegal, but many states have legalized it for either medical or recreational use. As such, the legal framework regarding THC nanoemulsion products can be complicated in certain jurisdictions. In general, there […]

THC Nanoemulsions 101 – Everything You Need to know – Part 1

THC Nanoemulsions

Are you curious about the supposed effects of THC nanoemulsions? Have you heard of them but don’t know what they are or how to use them? As cannabis legalization spreads across the United States and other countries, many individuals have become interested in exploring its therapeutic potential. However, with so much information available on different […]

New Cannabis Opportunities in the Upper Midwest: Post Election 2022 – Summary

midwest cannabis opportunities

The Upper Midwest region of the United States is experiencing a significant shift in the cannabis industry. With established adult-use markets in Michigan and Illinois, the support for legalization in Minnesota is rapidly growing, making the region ripe with opportunities for cannabis businesses and policy reform. During a recent panel discussion, experts explored the current […]

Minnesota Legislature Takes a Step Closer to Legalization

minnesota legislature cannabis

The Minnesota Legislature is on the brink of making history this session as they consider a proposal to legalize recreational use of marijuana. This move has been a long time coming, as support for legalization has been growing among residents and lawmakers alike. ( If passed, the bill would make it legal for individuals 21 […]

History/Evolution of Cannabis and Why Hemp Was Made Illegal

George Washington hemp

For years, the cannabis plant has been misunderstood and wrongly vilified. The history of cannabis is a long and complicated one, with many misconceptions and a lot of misinformation. Not long ago, hemp was a legal crop grown and encouraged in the United States. In fact, cannabis (or industrial hemp) has a rich history in […]